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Our Programs


Shadow Moogi

Ages 4 - 6

Our Shadow Moogi program is designed to teach and guide young children about the importance of martial arts and key life skills. Each cycle our Moogi students train with a young dragon who will reveal themselves from shadow to true over the course of your child’s martial arts journey. Children will be guided through their forms, personal safety, and sparring drills with the assistance of an Instructor to make sure each Moogi thrives!

What We Focus On
- Communication
- Respect
- Belief in Your Abilities / Confidence
- Safety (personal, fire, stranger, etc)
- Having fun!


Dragon Squad

Ages 7 - 12

A stepping stone into the next level of training, our young dragons are now older and more mature and therefore the intensity of life lessons have grown with them. Classes become more complex with a focus on memorization, self-control, discipline, and accountability. Instructors guide the Dragon Squad to become more independent with doing their drills without assistance, building speed, power, and control in their techniques, and pushing themselves to become confident martial artists.

What We Focus On

- Accountability
- Discipline
- Safety
- Memorization
- Physical Fitness
- Building Commradarie


Elite Athlete

Ages 13 and Older

Perfect for teens, adults, siblings, and full families to train their martial arts journey together. At this level, Taekwondo is trained for physical and mental strength, sport, and self-defense. Students work hard and train hard on a journey that helps students find self-confidence, respect, discipline, building commradarie with their classmates and family.

What We Focus On
- Physical Fitness
- Agility
- Flexibility
- Commradarie
- Confidence


Black Belt

Black Belts

After many years of hard work, the journey continues with Black Belt! Students now train for sport and self-defense. Black Belts learn how to push themselves with intense forms based on their rank, weapons training and forms, pressure point tactics, take downs, martial arts drills to improve their fitness and technique, and being leaders for the younger students.

What We Focus On
- Physical Fitness
- Intense Training
- Improving Skills with Black Belt Timing
- Commradarie
- Confidence
- Leadership

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