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Kick! Punch! Hydrate!

Ready to Begin Your Martial Arts Journey?


Sunrise Taekwondo is a family oriented martial arts dojang located in Tucson, Arizona. We train our students in GSHIM Taekwondo, founded by Grand Master G.K. Lee. At Sunrise Taekwondo we strive to inspire, build confidence, instill discipline, and self-control within future leaders.

We have been serving the Tucson community since 2004 and we are grateful for your continued support.

Sunrise Taekwondo is a proud supporter of H&L Hope Foundation.

H&L Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and financial support to assist the martial arts journey of students with special needs. If you are interested in donating to this program or have any questions about applying for grants, talk to an instructor.

Upcoming Events

May 4th - Tournament in Henderson, NV
July 9th - 13th - GTMA Global Celebration 2024, Charlotte NC (open to all students; school will be closed for training/tournament)

* Closest tournaments in the Arizona region for students that are participating in the HERO program

Summer Camp 2024 Dates
June 10th - 14th
June 24th - 28th
July 22nd - 26th

Camp is open to students, siblings, non-students, and friends. Sign up on Glofox to register today!

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