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Sunrise Taekwondo Instructors


Master Apprentice Eric Hodges

Master Apprentice Hodges began his martial arts training in 1994 in Texas under the World Taekwondo Federation with Master Nam. While living in Germany, he earned his Black Belt from ATA in 2002 under Mr. Clements. In 2003 he joined Grand Master Choi working as a part-time instructor before opening Sunrise Taekwondo. Master Apprentice Hodges is a 6th degree Black Belt, Master Apprentice, and is the owner and Head Instructor at Sunrise Taekwondo.

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Mr. Patrick Dearborn

Mr. Dearborn began his martial arts journey as a teenager right here in Tucson, Arizona. He quickly adapted to a leadership role by teaching part-time after earning his Black Belt. While teaching part-time, Mr. Dearborn was studying at the University of Arizona and graduated in 2020 with a double major. The same year he graduated, Mr. Dearborn became a full-time instructor at Sunrise Taekwondo. Mr. Dearborn is currently a 4th degree Black Belt.


Mrs. Caitlin Hodges

Mrs. Hodges began her martial arts training in 1998 in Canada. She trained both Taekwondo and Judo before immigrating to the United States. She began training with Mr. Hodges and he presented her with her Black Belt in 2007. Along with being a mother of two and army veteran, Mrs. Hodges is a 4th degree Black Belt. In 2023, she became a Global Champion in Traditional Weapons using the fan.

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